Free Manufacturer Specifications

Free Manufacturer Specifications

Product Specs

Product specs offer you streamlined specifications tailored for individual manufacturer’s products. These product specs are provided free to specifiers and can be downloaded based on the manufacturer and section. The customized product spec sections will save you research time and cost.

SpecBuilder Expert

SpecBuilder Expert helps specifiers build professional specifications for specific manufacturer products at a fraction of the time and cost spent creating your own.

SpecBuilder Expert gives you free, cloud-based manufacturer specifications customized for individual manufacturer products. These specifications are accessible via an easy-to-use, Q&A format, where your answers drive subsequent questions. Sections are automatically updated based on your answers. Discover how you can get the most up-to-date product information you need with SpecBuilder Expert.

Product Specs

Product Specs makes it easy for you to edit specs written for a specific manufacturer and their products. These custom specifications are based on the high-quality MasterSpec® and SpecText® content, which follows three-part, CSI MasterFormat®.

Product spec sections save your architectural or engineering firm valuable research and expense. You no longer have to worry if third-party specs meet more rigid standards and formats. We do that for you.

Use this modified document as a replacement for standard MasterSpec and SpecText sections.

Specs available to all specifiers

Licensed MasterSpec and SpecText users can access Product MasterSpec and Product SpecText sections within the corresponding software. They are also accessible via the Product Spec web page.  You can add to the product-specific section text or replace sections as you edit your specs.

Not a MasterSpec or SpecText licensed user? You can download Product Spec sections or access them from individual manufacturer’s websites.

SpecBuilder Expert

SpecBuilder Expert offers an intelligent online, cloud-based question-and-answer interface tool that specifiers can use to build professional specifications for individual manufacturer’s products at a fraction of the time and cost spent creating your own.

Modified MasterSpec and SpecText Sections - SpecBuilder Expert features a database of Product MasterSpec and Product SpecText sections that have been customized to include only content applicable to the manufacturer and their product.

Question and Answer Format – SpecBuilder Expert features an intuitive question-and-answer wizard. Answer questions directed to the specific manufacturer and product requirements. Make decisions based on resulting recommendations. Your answers drive the content that will be included and excluded in the spec.

Produce Completed Project Specs – The SpecBuilder Expert tool produces completed MasterSpec and SpecText compatible project specifications. These specs become a part of your personal library to reuse and revise for future projects.

SpecBuilder Expert is designed to help simplify the custom editing process, reduce product research time, and improve accuracy.