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PRODUCTS MasterSpec SpecText Manufacturer (BPM) Specs Specwriting Services
AIA MasterSpec is the most trusted master guide specificaiton system in the industry, containing almost 900 sections
A specifications solution designed for civil engineering including water/wastewater projects
Custom manufacturer product specs written and customized for use within MasterSpec, SpecText and standalone applications
Outsourced specwriting for a broad array of specification needs and requirements
Primary Users
A/E and Design firms of all sizes with solutions for both large and small projects.
Engineering firms who need specs for civil projects
Architects, Engineers, Owners and Contractors
Available Libraries & Pricing
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See table below

By Discipline
Multi-discipline firms who need a comprehensive specification library
Building architectural, engineering and design projects with fewer requirements
Architectural, site work, landscape and design projects
Small architectural design projects with fewer requirements
Civil Engineering and Architectural firms focused on site civil projects
Civil engineering for utility and industrial projects including water/wastewater treatment
Civil engineering for quality water distribution, sewage collection and water/wastewater treatment
Utility and site civil projects
Interior design
Roofing, waterproofing, foundation wall and plaza deck projects
Historic preservation, rehabilitation, restoration and reconstruction projects
Landscape architecture
Structural, civil engineering and landscape architecture
Commissioning work performed by the contractor
General engineering
Structural building construction
Mechanical & electrical engineering
Mechanical engineering, fire suppression, plumbing and HVAC
Electrical engineering, lighting, alarm and security systems
Communication, electronic safety and security systems   
Communication, electronic safety and security systems   
Industrial wastewater treatment projects   
Material handling projects