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Specification Software

With ARCOM’s specification software tools, you save time developing and producing accurate, comprehensive, and up-to-date specs your clients rely on. The software complements MasterSpec® and SpecText® specification content, saving you the time and money you normally spend on research and editing.

MasterWorks – FREE with MasterSpec and SpecText

MasterWorks, a plug-in for Microsoft® Word, uses custom toolbars and wizards that work just like the ones you use every day. These tools help simplify spec production by minimizing errors and repetitive editing tasks, helping you maintain consistent specification documents for your projects and office masters.

SpecBuilder Desktop – An optional, add-on software to MasterSpec Premium Libraries

A revolutionary new software, SpecBuilder Desktop, saves you time and money by simplifying specification editing and MasterSpec office master updating. SpecBuilder Desktop allows you to customize your documents using an intelligent Q&A platform. Based on your answers to project-specific questions, you can automatically include and exclude related spec content.


ARCOM’s newest way to automate specification writing utilizes checklist technology to quickly filter through large specification libraries. Various types of project files, communication between specification writers, and project reporting can all live within the e-SPECS software. With the addition of our Revit plug-in, you can automate specification document editing from your BIM models.

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Ease the strain of producing specification documents with MasterWorks. This Microsoft Word® plug-in (for both PC and Mac users) expands your word processing power by speeding up and simplifing your entire specification development and production process. PLUS, MasterWorks is FREE with every MasterSpec and SpecText library license (a $300 value).

MasterWorks helps you save time and money by automating routine editing tasks

  • Editing tools that shorten your review time
  • Single-file tools that help you quickly customize your office masters
  • Multi-file tools for finalizing all your specification documents simultaneously
  • Wizards for quickly maneuvering through repetitive tasks
  • Resources for expert guidance 24/7/365

MasterWorks uses innovative technology

  • Enjoy custom toolbars and pop-up screens with shortcuts designed to make spec editing and production work the way you do.
  • Automatically generate submittal logs, warranty reports, and other project management documents, keeping you on top of project documentation.

MasterWorks Enterprise

  • Perfect for firms with multiple MasterWorks users
  • Simplifies the installation process
  • Helps your firm’s IT staff package and deploy MasterWorks to multiple workstations (using your own deployment)

MasterWorks for PC

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MasterWorks for Mac

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SpecBuilder Desktop

SpecBuilder Desktop includes several timesaving features:

  • On-Screen Editor features a question-and-answer format to walk you through topics applicable to a particular section
  • Text is included and excluded based on your responses
  • Navigation tools help streamline your work
  • Global settings will simplify formatting
  • Reports help you efficiently manage your projects
  • Office Masters save time and money on similar projects
  • Auto-updates ensure you are always working with the latest MasterSpec sections

See how SpecBuilder Desktop can help you save time and improve accuracy when creating and working with office masters.

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