Getting Started with SpecBuilder Desktop

Learn how to globally format an entire project using an intuitive interface, and a time-saving question and answer tool, within ARCOM's newest software tool. This webinar is FREE and earns each participant 1 CE credit hour.

This webinar is intended for current clients.

This webinar typically runs every Thursday of each month at 11:00 AM MST.


Approximate Running Time: 45 minutes

What is SpecBuilder Desktop?
  • MasterSpec® Database/Client Program
  • Project Tools
    • Project Manual Creation
    • Office Master Editor
    • Q&A Wizard
User Account Types
  • Admin account
    • Add Users
      • User Roles
  • Admin
  • Master Specifier
  • Specifier
  • Reviewer
    • Edit Account Information
    • Does Not have any rights to project or office masters
  • User Accounts
    • Reviewer
      • Add notes (Projects, Office Masters)
      • Add suggested changes (Projects, Office Masters)
    • Specifier
      • All of Reviewer’s roles
      • All Rights to assigned projects
  • Create Project
  • Add/Edit sections in Project
  • Generate Project Reports
    • Make Suggestions to Office Masters
    • Master Specifier
      • All of Reviewer/Specifier Roles
      • All Rights to Office Master
Getting Started
  • Login As Specifier or Master Specifier
  • Create Project
    • Project Parameters
  • Add Section
Editing a Section
  • Q&A
  • Manual Editor
    • Add Paragraph
    • Add Child Paragraph
    • Select Options
    • Add Note
    • SpecAgent
  • Reports
    • Q&A, print all of the Questions for the whole project
Exporting a Section
  • Export Project
    • Word or PDF
    • Include additional options
  • Export Reports only
  • Print Current Section