Getting Started with MasterWorks

The viewer will learn how to use the format wizards and editing tools to prepare a project manual. Webinars are available for PC and Mac users. This course earns the initial participant 1 CE credit hour. A $40 registration fee is required;  each addititional participant within the same office, wishing to receive credit, must pay $10. Discounts may apply.

This course is intended for current clients.

Webinar typically runs the first three Wednesdays of each month at 11:00 AM MST.


Approximate Running Time: 45 minutes

What is MasterSpec?

  • MasterFormat
    • Current MasterFormat
    • MasterFormat 1995
  • MasterSpec Styles
    • Paragraph Style
    • Character Styles
  • Folders and Organization
    • Where are my files?
    • Single Folder vs. Division Folders

Starting a Project

  • Creating a Project Folder
  • Format Wizard

What is MasterWorks?

  • Multi-File Tools
    • Editing/Formatting Documents
    • Generating Related Files
  • Single File Tools
    • Single File Formatting
    • Notes Tools
    • Paragraph Tools
    • Options Tools
  • Settings
  • Additional Resources
    • SpecAgent
    • Supporting Information