Customize Product Specifications

ARCOM’s professional specification writers work with your team to create custom specs that meet your product standards. Only content applicable to your products is included. We’ll help you produce and distribute high-quality, custom product specifications using the specification format preferred by the nation’s top architectural and engineering firms. Specifiers review and edit the Product Spec to meet their project requirements. Get started with product specs and improve your chances of specifiers choosing your products.

Be Selected as the Basis of Design

Specifiers working within MasterSpec® and SpecText® can access a list of qualified manufacturers for the section they are working in. A grid lists your company name with an icon allowing immediate access to your product specs. A dropdown also lets specifiers select you as the basis of design. Place your information in front of specifiers when it matters most. See who’s listed in MasterSpec.

Help Specifiers Download Your Custom Product Specs

ARCOM will host your Product Specs on our website. All specifiers, whether MasterSpec clients or not, can access your product specs for free. Specifiers can review and edit the product spec to meet individual project requirements. You can also host the product specs on your own website. Download a sample product spec now.

Manage Your Product Specs Status Online

As a product spec client, you can select how you want to manage your account. Offerings include:

  • Account Information — Manage your company account information online.
  • Manage Free Listings — View and edit your free listing information any time.
  • Knowledge Base — Access a knowledge base with questions specifiers need to know about your products. Questions tie into SpecBuilder Expert.
  • Reporting Dashboard — View reports noting how many specifiers have downloaded your product specs.