Arc Flash Update Coming Soon to MasterSpec

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Arc Flash Update Coming Soon to MasterSpecReplacing Descriptions of Short-Circuit & Coordination Studies with References to Other Sections Will Simplify Editing & Limit Potential for Conflicting Requirements

ARCOM Introduces MasterWorks for the Mac

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ARCOM's upcoming MasterSpec update, scheduled for release this April, will introduce MasterWorks 7.0 for the Mac for use with Microsoft Word 2011.

Sourcing MasterSpec Solid-State Lighting Sections

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While the MasterSpec solid-state lighting sections won't be released for several months, ARCOM's engineering writing staff has completed the initial research and is well into the first drafts. In order to offer you a preview of our research, we've compiled a list of primary source background material with links to additional information.

MasterSpec News: Manufacturer Lists Moved to Online Database

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This new, dynamic online database will store the most current manufacturer information for easy access each time you edit your MasterSpec specifications.

Revolutionary New Software Altarix Now Available

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Altarix gives specifiers complete control over their documents to produce consistent, accurate, and complete office masters.

MasterSpec in MasterFormat 1995 to Be Discontinued

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ARCOM will no longer issue MasterSpec in MasterFormat™ 1995 in word-processing, Linx, and e-SPECS formats after June 2013.

February 2013 MERC Meeting Highlights

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Altitude Derating, Power Factor Correction Equipment, Enclosed Switches and Circuit Breakers, LED Lighting, and More

Getting Started with Masterworks Paragraph Builder

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Paragraph Builder eliminates the need to edit options and delete extraneous content by hand and ensures specifications consistently include the correct language and formatting.

Introducing the MasterSpec Historic Preservation Library

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The new MasterSpec Historic Preservation Library is here.

AE Firm Quality Management: A Guide to Best Practices

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This guide to best practices will help firms spend less time putting out fires and more time focusing on doing the design work that made all of us want to be designers to begin with.