ARCOM Welcomes New and Thanks Outgoing MERC Members

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Four times each year, architects, engineers, and specifiers assemble at the ARCOM offices in Alexandria, Virginia, to discuss MasterSpec sections scheduled for release or update. Two review committees are funded by the American Institute of Architects (AIA) to ensure the integrity and technical content of MasterSpec: MasterSpec Engineering Review Committee (MERC) and MasterSpec Architectural Review Committee (MARC).

ARCOM's Continuing Education

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 Do you worry about fulfilling your continuing education requirements? Do you wait until the month, week, or day before the deadline and panic about how you will meet these requirements? ARCOM can help! ARCOM offers a variety of flexible options in which you can earn continuing education credits, including webinars, workshops, and independent study courses. Select the courses and learning methods that interest you and fit into your schedule. Don’t wait until December to think about earning your credits. Make a resolution to start now!

Tech Tip - MasterWorks Wizards Feature Time-Saving Tools

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 MasterWorks includes three unique wizards that will save you time as you create your project specifications: project, format, and new specification. Below are some tips and details that will help you choose the proper wizard to use depending on your project and the task at hand.

There's Water (Vapor) in the Air - Benefits and Considerations of Humidification

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Low humidity dries hair, skin, eyes, and mucous membranes in respiratory systems. To avoid low humidity, humidifiers are used to add water vapor to the air. Water vapor can be added to the supply air distribution system serving spaces or to the occupied spaces directly. Here we'll review some common types of humidifiers.

Microsoft Word 365 Compatibility

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Microsoft Word 365 has both a desktop and a cloud environment. MasterWorks’ current version is now compatible with the desktop environment. The new installer was made available Wednesday, December 9, 2015.

In or Out - Security Windows vs. Detention Windows

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While security windows and detention windows may seem to serve the same purpose, the major difference is: do you intend to keep the threat in or to keep the threat out? The answer to this simple question will influence how to correctly specify the right type of window for your facility.

What is the Best Approach to Create a Master?

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Creating an office master is very labor intensive, but does provide ability to record lessons learned and record corporate policy. Maintaining office masters is more labor intensive than creating them. This is multiplied by the number of different masters created (hospitals, schools, office buildings, and so on). Consider your design budget and available resources to create and maintain office masters.

ARCOM Introduces New MasterSpec Section 101423.13 - Room Identification Signage

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New MasterSpec Section 101423.13 - Room Identification Signage was released with the third quarter update. It specifies signs that are typically used for interior and exterior-access room identification and that may include wayfinding information.

How to Fix a Site Key Error

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When I run through the MasterSpec portion of the installer it accepts the Site Key fine. However, when I start to run the MasterWorks installation, it states that the Site Key is invalid. How do I fix this?

ARCOM Introduces New MasterSpec Section 262653 - Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment

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ARCOM has worked with several electric vehicle charger manufacturers to develop MasterSpec's new Section 262653 – Electric Vehicle Charging Equipment – Level 1 and Level 2, which debuts with the second quarter 2015 update.