Get a Grip on Stainless Steel Railing Finishes

by Ronald Ray 3 comments
Stainless steel is often used as a railing material, especially where corrosion resistance is a major concern. Stainless steel tube and pipe railings are not extruded as some would think, but rather are fabricated from stainless steel sheet material complying with ASTM A480/A480M - Specification for General Requirements for Flat-Rolled Stainless and Heat-Resisting Steel Plate, Sheet, and Strip. Within ASTM A480/A480M are established finishes for stainless steel sheet and plate, with the most common architectural finishes being No. 4, No. 6, No. 7, and No. 8. Stainless steel sheet used in the fabrication of tubes and pipes for railings typically has a No. 2D - Cold-Rolled Dull Finish or a No. 2B - Cold-Rolled Bright Finish.

Designing Comfort: Tips for Specifying Fixed Audience Seating

by Tim Werbstein 0 comments
MasterSpec Section 126100 - Fixed-Audience Seating was revised and reissued with the third 2015 update. It specifies chair-type seating typically found in theatres, educational and commercial meeting spaces, and sports arenas. Worship seating, traditionally based on fixed wooden pews, has generally been replaced by this more comfortable seating. This blog post focuses on planning considerations for upholstered seating.

SpecText Now Includes Additional Supporting Documents

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  SpecText Now Includes Additional Supporting DocumentsSpecText® currently provides three formats of each specification section: Full Length, Short Form, and Outline. It also contains one supporting document  and  Drawing Coordination Considerations, which accompany the Full Length and Short Form formats. Starting with the first update of 2016, new supporting documents will be included with each section.

Meet the MasterSpec Architectural Review Committee

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 Meet the MasterSpec Architectural Review CommitteeEach quarter, the MasterSpec® Architectural Review Committee (MARC) assembles in Alexandria, VA, to review MasterSpec sections and discuss updates to content with ARCOM's architectural specification writing staff. MARC members include architects and specifiers from across the country. During these MARC meetings, ARCOM welcomes a range of architectural perspectives, from independent specification consultants to specifiers from A/E firms.

Society for Design Administration (SDA)

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 Society for Design Administration (SDA) Do you have administration professionals in your firm who are looking for ways to keep current on trends in the office and in the A/E/C industry, and to grow their administrative and management teams both personally and professionally? Then you should know about the Society for Design Administration (SDA). 

April - Busy Month for Building and Design Industry

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 April - Busy Month for Building and Design IndustryIn April, ARCOM celebrated three events: World Landscape Architecture Month, National Architecture Week, and Administrative Professional Day.

Does It Leak? Will It Leak? Part 2

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Part 2 of Ron Ray's discussion on roof leak testing.

Does It Leak? Will It Leak? Part 1

by Ronald Ray 2 comments
Flood testing roofing systems to detect leaks and to verify the quality of newly installed roof systems has a long history in the roofing industry. Although flood testing can determine the existence of a leak, it cannot precisely locate the leak, even with the use of soluble dyes in the water. Other technologies, such as electronic leak testing, can detect leaks with far more reliability than flood testing. Several of these technologies will be discussed here.

Support - What Do I Do If I Have a Problem?

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Have you ever used ARCOM products without a problem and then suddenly hit a roadblock? If this happens to you, ARCOM has several resources that can help you get back on track.

The MasterSpec Team is Working for You

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The MasterSpec team continuously updates the specifications to ensure they are meeting specifier and industry needs. New libraries and sections are added as building industry demands change. In 2015, MasterSpec hit several milestones and set new records. Below are a few stats and insights that continue to make MasterSpec the leading specification choice of specifiers.