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SpecText Now Includes Additional Supporting Documents

SpecText® currently provides three formats of each specification section: Full Length, Short Form, and Outline. It also contains one supporting document  and  Drawing Coordination Considerations, which accompany the Full Length and Short Form formats. Starting with the first update of 2016, new supporting documents will be included with each section.

Drawing Coordination Considerations will be discontinued and replaced with four new supporting documents: Summary, Evaluations, Specification Coordination Checklist, and Drawing Coordination Checklist. These documents will help specifiers coordinate their project's contract documents.

The Summary briefly describes the equipment or components specified in the section, and will sometimes list specified reference standards. If the section specifies provisions for work performed using unit price payment method, this is noted. This supporting document also notes equipment, components, or accessories that the section does not specify, and provides a bulleted list of what is included in only the Full Length version of the specification section.

The Evaluations lists technical terms used in the current section and that should also be used in the section's drawing notes. This supporting document will be expanded to include (as applicable) equipment service application considerations, a description of common components, and websites for referenced standards. These features will be phased into the SpecText libraries over the course of the next several updates.

The Specification Coordination Checklist lists Division 01 specification sections and other relevant sections referenced in the specification section. This document helps synchronize the requirements specified in other sections with the specific requirements of the section.

The Drawing Coordination Checklist describes items that should be indicated within the section's drawings, and helps the specifier match the drawings to the requirements of the specification section.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding these changes or any specification in the SpecText libraries, contact us at 800.424.5080.

NOTE: MasterSpec® Supporting Documents remain unchanged. 

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