Specifying Lighting Control: Common Types of Lighting Control

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Lighting control is an effective way to save energy beyond using energy efficient lighting sources and manual or sensor operated switches. A lighting control system controls multiple luminaires at one central point or it may be modular. This type of system allows local control or communicates with building automation systems, and employs energy conservation measures such as daylight harvesting and occupancy sensing. With modern digital communications, the possibilities are essentially limitless, and the integration, operation, and coordination of these systems can become quite complex.

Breaking out the Lighting Sections: Organization

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Breaking out the Lighting Sections: OrganizationMichael A.

MasterSpec Lighting Specifications Update

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MasterSpec Lighting Specifications Update Michael A. Heinsdorf, P.E., LEED APMasterSpec Engineering Specification WriterHere is a quick guide to the upcoming MasterSpec lighting sections.