Commissioning (Cx) Specs

by Joe Berchenko 0 comments
Commissioned buildings deliver reduced utility bills, higher occupant satisfaction, fewer construction period problems, and fewer leaks and callbacks during the warranty period. This translates to better ROI and higher prices and rents. What’s not to love?

Workmanship and Quality in MasterSpec

by Michael Heinsdorf 1 comments
A detailed discussion of the terms workmanship and quality.

The Difference between Warranty and Guarantee

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Warranty and guarantee sound similar and share a common root, but they can mean completely different things. This is where the subtle differences in language stand out and knowledge of the standard contract documents and "front end" specifications becomes important.

Some Suggestions for Preventing Electrical Counterfeiting

by Michael Heinsdorf 0 comments
Generally, consulting engineers aren't too concerned about electrical counterfeiting. Once the submittals are approved and the equipment is on site, it is assumed that the equipment is as specified and identical to the submittal. But what happens if it isn't? What if the products came from a facility that produced unauthorized copies, or they aren't built to the quality level specified?

AE Firm Quality Management: A Guide to Best Practices

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This guide to best practices will help firms spend less time putting out fires and more time focusing on doing the design work that made all of us want to be designers to begin with.