Primary Engineering

“MasterSpec is easy to use, with a simple file structure that is flexible to our needs.”

When Mike Lubbehusen and Brian Johnson started Primary Engineering 10 years ago, they knew they needed the right tools to succeed. As Mike tells it, “Our first project thankfully did not require a full set of specifications. We used the fees earned from that very first project to license our MasterSpec library.”

“With MasterSpec’s mechanical engineering library, we have a consistency in our project specs that allows for a robust set of documents vetted by the industry. Comprehensive research put into each MasterSpec section and the software are right at our fingertips. We pull the sections needed for every project, edit them with the MasterWorks tools and incorporate our office standards into the specifications. It’s quick, easy and efficient. Everyone in our office knows how to use MasterWorks.”

“In the past,” Mike explains, “I worked at a firm that wrote their own specifications from scratch. They were resistant to adapting new products and design approaches. It required a large effort to generate new specifications. MasterSpec’s pre-written specs are comprehensive saving us time and research.”
MasterSpec makes it easy for Primary Engineering to generate new specifications, save time, and meet new challenges.

“We need to constantly evolve and adapt our approach with new products. MasterSpec helps make this possible with continuous section updates. With each quarterly update, we compare the changes to our office masters where we’ve eliminated content not applicable to our company’s needs. We accept 99% of the changes. This is a great timesaver when we perform a clean edit for each new project. Our libraries stay current and keep improving.”
Mike continues, “During the construction phase, we use the MasterSpec submittal reports to help track projects. We share this report with the contractor so they are aware of our expectations. It helps keep everyone on track and ensures we don’t overlook anything - so it saves us time and money.”

“With Masterworks and ARCOM’s MasterSpec, Primary Engineering confidently take on projects such as our award winning work on the South Bend Regional Airport in Indiana.”

Primary Engineering specializes in mechanical HVAC, plumbing, power delivery, lighting and communications systems for their institutional clients in the mid-west, throughout the U.S. and world-wide. They have grown to 15 employees with projects ranging from small boiler replacements to $52 million school renovations.

Primary Engineering, Inc.

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Primary Engineering’s work on the South Bend Regional Airport wins best transportation project for the 2012 Engineering News Record Midwest category.

The addition to the South Bend Regional Airport Concourse was designed to mimic the forms of an aircraft wing. The Concourse is heated and cooled with geothermal technology and uses daylight harvesting to control interior lighting.