Divisions 40 and 43 Revised by MasterFormat 2014

The revisions in the 2014 update to CSI's MasterFormat have most significantly affected Divisions 40 and 43. To accommodate these revisions, SpecText has updated its section titles and/or numbers, which will appear in the first-quarter 2015 release.

Major changes to Division 40 (note the name change from "Process Integration" to "Process Interconnections") include the listings for piping and valves. Piping remains classified by its material, but instead of sorting by level-four section numbers, each section has its own level-three designation (still under 4005). Valves are now sorted by type rather than material. Most of the common valves (e.g., gate or butterfly) have a level-three designation, but more specific or specialized valves, such as Tilting Disc Check Valves (40 05 65.26) or Mud Valves (40 05 71.23) still have a level-four designation.

Division 40 also contains changes to process control instrumentation sections. For example, previously, all process flow meters were necessarily lumped into the level-four section 40 91 23.33 - Flow Process Measurement Devices. In MasterFormat 2014, there are now separate sections for magnetic flow meters, venturi flow meters, and so on. Similarly, the listings for pressure, level, and control switch process instrumentation have been expanded.

In Division 43, the major change is pump classification. Rather than one section (43 21 13) for centrifugal pumps, for instance, there are now many level-four designations based on the classification system of the Hydraulic Institute. (If the system appears confusing to you, there are several resources on the Internet to help you understand it, or you can contact the Hydraulic Institute directly.)

Look for these and other changes in the SpecText libraries starting early next year. As always, if you have any questions or suggestions regarding these changes or any specification in the SpecText libraries, please don't hesitate to contact SpecText at 800.424.5080.